Ok, I have got the metal for the engine studs and also the metal for the solid mounts.

I started with this


Then I started to undercut the engine studs so that they would look like the existing ones only find that the steel I ordered 4140 grade is the right grade but just too hard for my lathe bits, I guess I should be using HSS or something like that cos they are now blunt as hell.

I wanted to undercut from the red line down to the other red line but this didn't work out too well so I might just get an HSS die 10x1.25 and cut the threads as is, IE leave the bar the diameter all the way down.


Then I decided to have a go at the solid engine mounts, I started on the top front one first but because the rock hard steel above has blunted my lathe tool this didn't turn as nice as I would have liked.

This one below took me about 45 mins to do, it was really hard to get the tool close enough to the shoulder without touching the actual lathe jaw. What I did wrong was to cut the piece to the right length first, I should have made it longer so that I could easily turn it without fear of catching the jaw.

Obviously this still needs a hole down the centre